Richard Bennett

Richard Bennett

Richard Bennett, a visiting fellow at AEI, has a 30-year background in network engineering and standards. He was vice-chair of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) task group that devised the original Ethernet over twisted pair standard, and has contributed to WiFi standards for 15 years. He was active in the Open Society Foundations; the instigator of RFC 1001; and founder, along with Bob Metcalfe, of the Open Token Foundation, the first network industry alliance to operate an interoperability lab. He has worked for leading applied-research labs, where portions of his work were underwritten by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. Bennett also holds four networking patents and is a member of the Broadband Internet Technical Advisory Group. He speaks frequently at network industry gatherings and policy conferences in the US and abroad, and has appeared before Federal Communications Commission (FCC) hearings, been cited in FCC submissions, and testified before the California State Legislature and the US Congress. Bennett has published articles and book chapters in the academic and tech press, major newspapers, IEEE Spectrum, and has appeared on radio and television. Additionally, he was appointed to a two-year term on the Singapore Infocomm Development Authority’s Regulatory and Economist Panel. Bennett’s written work on wireless networks and the Internet’s structure and regulation forms a central part of the broadband policy debate, framing often emotional issues on a dispassionate and technically sound basis.

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