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Looking for leadership in the Internet of Things? It’s not where you think

McKinsey Global Institute caused a stir in June with the release of its report, “Unlocking the Potential of the Internet of Things.” The report estimates the potential value of the Internet of Things (IoT) and finds that the reality exceeds the hype: The estimated total economic impact over the next 10 years is between $3.9 trillion and $11.1 trillion, or 3% to 11% of the world economy. Interestingly, McKinsey estimates that 40% of this value will be created in developing countries.
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Did the Supreme Court just drive a stick into the spokes of the FCC’s Virtuous Cycle?

One of the most potent pending challenges to the FCC’s Open Internet Order will be based on the Supreme Court’s opinion last year in Utility Air Regulatory Group. That case, which the court has affirmatively cited several times this past term, rejected EPA efforts to “tailor” provisions of the Clean Air Act, effectively rewriting the Act to facilitate its policy goals. There is a strong – if not perfect – analogy to be drawn between the EPA’s approach to the Clean Air Act in that case and the FCC’s need to use forbearance in the Open Internet Order to make the rules viable. The court’s latest rejection of the EPA’s efforts to stretch the limits of the Clean Air Act to reach its own policy goals presents yet another potent challenge to the FCC’s Open Internet Order.

Why accountability and transparency need to be ICANN’s number one priority

This week’s 53rd public meeting of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has been focused on the review of the accumulation of months of work on two different paths that are crossing over each other in the ICANN world: the transition of the IANA functions and the effort to improve ICANN accountability and transparency. The accountability issue deserves most of our attention, as it will have implications for how (and whether) the transition issue will be resolved.