The FCC’s move on net neutrality means parties are finally getting their just deserts

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News leaked last night that a Notice of Proposed Rule Making (NPRM) on the Federal Communication Commission’s new net neutrality rules will be circulated internally, and reporters got hold of some of the alleged contents.  Chairman Wheeler posted this in …More

Net neutrality rundown: What the NPRM means for you

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Last night, the Wall Street Journal reported that FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler will circulate his proposal for new Open Internet rules this week. The ensuing wave of attention and media coverage that followed the announcement speaks volumes of how important …More

The Supreme Court struggles to find an analogy for Aereo

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Aereo – the little Brooklyn David that would slay broadcaster Goliaths – got its day in court yesterday.  All nine justices considered whether or not Aereo’s business, which allows subscribers to access one of Aereo’s dime-sized antennas to capture local …More

A technology alliance to attract voters

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Apparently one-third of Americans are pessimistic about tech — and they’re more likely to be poor, less educated, and female. That’s approximately the same percentage of New Zealanders who abstained from voting in the last general election. There’s a significant cross-over in …More

FCC undermining its own ‘straightforward and easy’ spectrum standard

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What are the limits of bureaucratic knowledge, expertise, and judgment? Regardless of one’s political orientation, one might think the last decade contained more than enough cases of Beltway hubris to suggest the ceiling on such smarts is much lower than …More

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