Further adventures in international mobile innovation

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One of our favorite topics here at TechPolicyDaily has been innovation in the information economy, particularly in the mobile space. We extensively analyzed AT&T’s proposed Sponsored Data Program, which allows content providers to pay for the data transmitted to customers …More

US and Canadian wireless networks: Supporting the world’s largest bilateral trading relationship

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Americans have good feelings about Canadians–and for good reason.  The US and Canada have the world’s largest bilateral trading relationship, trading goods and services worth $2 billion every day. Canada is the leading energy supplier to the US. We share …More

Comcast & TWC: Playing multidimensional digital chess

ComplexChess by Shutterstock

That’s the game. You might not think lawmakers in D.C. would be very proficient at such a complex endeavor. But humility is not a Washington strong suit, and so last week the Senate Commerce Committee questioned Comcast and Time Warner …More

What Heartbleed tells us about software liability

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The technology press has been awash in stories recently about the so-called Heartbleed bug that releases sensitive user data from any service using the OpenSSL encryption library. (See here for a clear and lay-accessible overview of the problem.) The subsequent …More

Outcome document arrives before the doors open for the NetMundial conference

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Wikileaks has posted a draft outcome document created by the Executive Stakeholder Committee of the NetMundial Internet Governance conference to be held in Brazil April 23rd – 24th.  Before the first multi-stakeholder invited to attend had taken a seat, the …More

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